Dear Yogis,

August is in full swing, which means some of us are enjoying the last vacations
of summer. Perhaps, we are even thinking about the fall and the start of school. At
Transform Power Yoga, the team is actively planning the fall class schedule, a fun
yoga challenge, and some challenging, fun workshops. Relax and enjoy the slower,
easy pace of summer days, but get excited for the activity of fall days ahead.
The TPY team is very interested in reaching out to our local sports community.
We have worked with a few teams and developed programs that complement the
athletic program of those teams. Coaches just inform our instructors what areas of
training they would like emphasized and an individualized program will be made
for those specific needs. The professional sports arena is increasing their foray into
yoga, understanding that the unique qualities of yoga poses and mental focus greatly
increase the performance of all athletes. Just look to the Super Bowl winners, the
Seattle Seahawks, who attribute their decided win to their training, coaching, and
their practice of yoga. Please contact us if you are interested in speaking with our
instructors about your athlete or sports team.

Our August community charity is The Rainbow Center. So, our community power
hour class is held every Saturday at 11 a.m. This class is donation based and is our
way of reaching out to our Haymarket and surrounding areas. We are committed
to expanding our reach beyond the walls of TPY. Impacting the community and
making connections to people in a meaningful way, is our way of saying thank you
to our practitioners. Please come support our local charities and learn more about
Transform Power Yoga at this energizing class.

 Our Friday Fun Nights continue to be a popular way to start your weekend. The
class is still our traditional vinyasa flow, but we incorporate a ton of fun!
We greatly appreciate our community and practitioners. Thank you for allowing
us to serve you.

Your Transform Power Yoga Team